We are glad having a chance to tell you shortly about who we are, what we live and why our products are so special. We like true things: good wine and tasty food, mechanical watches and old cars, interesing activities and real impressions. We cherish time-tested values: confidence, cooperation, respect, tolerance, persistence, enthusiasm, sincerity, loyalty.


Our work reflects real traditions: from ancient times people have used juice for food by milling fruit and squeezing it in a simpliest mechanical way. To make juice from the apples that grow in the own garden is very popular in our country. As it is said: one apple a day, is doctor away.


Tradition is an old custom and experience which are passed on from generation to generation. Over this time we have found out which apple species is the most tasty and best for juice. We are professionals who know how to make a valuable product.


Contemporary technologies and modern packaging made it possible to Extended product storage life and freshness without loss of quality . Today we can offer tasty and natural juice to people in foreign countries. Drink different reflects particularity of this package: convenient, simple, easy.


Choosing this type of business we show to our rising generation how nature goods can be rationally transformed into valuable product, how simply is made natural and tasty juice and how obvious is the process. how we are deliberately able to choose packaging which is easy and simply utilised and has a very insignificant damage to environment.