In the manufacturing process we touch
    to the highest quality and certified apples and berries.
    Particular attention we dedicate to sort the fruit
    because it is 95% of product quality and success.








    Sorry...No preservatives. No sugar.
    We just accurately wash, squeeze and simply pasteurize.

    The cost-effective, space-saving and environmentally friendly packaging
    of beverages is particularly attractive with "bag in box" solutions.
    These solutions are increasingly occupying the market share
    of glass bottles. We use just certified suppliers bags.

    The advantages of Bag in Box:

    • Ideal filling
    • Cost-effective, space-saving transport and storage
    • Simple, customised and drip-free product removal
    • Extended product storage life and freshness without loss of quality
    • "Self-explanatory" packaging for easy handling
    • Filling is more cost-effective than bottles
    • Positive energy balance in manufacturing in comparison to glass bottles
    • Easy separation of bag and carton and low volume of waste disposal

    New technologies and
    technical solutions lets
    us to offer customers
    quality product for best price.









    Logistics information:
    euro pallet – 216 units
    33 pallets in a trailer
    7128 units in total